Cursos anuales y semestrales

Preparatory Course is aimed at elementary or no knowledge students to reach B1 level (average).

Dates: 1st OCT - JULY

Duration: 660 horas (Mon to Fri- 9:00 - 13:30)

Price: International admissions (

Levels: A1 (target: B1)

Inscription: Admissions

Information: Carolina Padilla ( / Belén Escobar (

“Spanish Language Program” has 6 months duration.Elementary or no knowledge students will reach A2 level (average).

Dates: 11th  FEB - 30th  JULY

Duration: 460 hours (Mon-Fri  9:00 - 13:30)

Price: International admissions (

Levels: A1 (target: A2)

Inscription: Admissions

Information: Carolina Padilla ( Belén Escobar (